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idoo Full Disk Encryption 1.1

Powerful encryption tool designed to protect your hard and USB drives
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One thing is to encrypt your data, and another thing is encrypting your disks - idoo Full Disk Encryption does both. It can protect all your drives – both local and USB drives – and the data they contain using a powerful 256-bit AES encryption algorithm and a password of your choice. No one will be capable of accessing your disks once those are password-locked and encrypted, let alone the information stored on them.

Wrapped in a straightforward interface, any user can encrypt, decrypt, mount, and unmount their drives in a hassle-free simple operation. Drives are shown in two separate tabs – one for the local drives, and another one for the external USB drives connected to your system. Both types of disks are easily encrypted in a one-click operation, which will ask you for a new password first. The program will tell you how strong or weak the new password is as you type it, thus allowing you to make the necessary corrections to it until it is strong enough to repel any attack to your valuable drives.

As said, all drives can be encrypted and protected using idoo Full Disk Encryption – that includes your main hard disk (typically, your C:\ drive), which will then be securely locked to avoid anyone from launching your operating system without your permission. There is no better way to protect your entire computer than by blocking access to its OS. The same level of protection can be applied to your pen drives, external hard disks, and to any other USB storage device connected to your system. Thus, you can lock your USB drives and render them useless for anyone trying to open them without the right password.

idoo Full Disk Encryption offers a simple yet highly efficient solution to your drive and data protection needs. Suitable for all types of users and all types of drives, all you need to do is devise the most secure password you can think of and never forget it.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports both hard disks and USB external drives
  • Adds password protection to the encryption process
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Prevents your drives from any unwanted access


  • The encryption process may take a while
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